Putting this review series on pause, end of winter reorganizing
"Storification" and the Abuses of Storytelling; Humanities on the Decline; and Why Writers Shouldn’t Worry about the Machines
Tea with the Mujahideen; What Is "Hyperpolitics?"; One Year of War in Ukraine; and a Murder at the Institute for Social Rejection
No weekly post this weekend. Instead, I'm opening up a casual place to talk, let's see how it goes.
Ever since it became a superpower, America has suffered from bouts of paranoia over its possible decline. But this time feels different.
Japan's Presidential Assassin Finds Admirers; Taliban's White-Collar Boredom; A Statistic for the Century; India’s Legitimacy Test; and Big Tech…
Introducing This Weekly; Mentions of Distress at Record High; Cold War Victory Syndrome; Weird AI Friendship Ads; and The Long 2010s
A century ago, many different ideologies tapped into the locomotive as a metaphor in a struggle over the soul of the modern world.
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